90s Teenager room, 2018

part of Hamiffal ARTBNB project. thanks for the special help of Avri Manor,Aharon Manor, Itamar Hamrman, Tal Yakov Shalem. print on the sheet: Chen Flamenbaum. mixed media. 

Blue Closet, 2017


silk screen print on

wood work of a Photoshop image.

50 * 175 * 50 cm.

Drowning Pool, 2017


silk screen print on

ceramic of a Photoshop image.

wood, Formica. white tiles, red rifle, water. 

60 * 180 * 50 cm. 

Orange cake in a triangle wrap, 2018

mix media. designed overlap triangle wrap with a an orange cake inside .  wood,  acrylic glass, triangle box. an open shirt. screen shot inside the wrap from the website: orangecakemix.hotglue.me

a Candle in it's mother's milk, 2017

Wax cast, hair, milk, glass, wood.

40 * 40 * 40 cm. 

Zamenhof, Circa c21 CE (work in progress)

in collaboration with Anan Hamdan and Hamiffal


510 * 240 cm. 

Florescent flash, 2018

wax etching, printed on Parchment paper, yellow and green highlights. wrapped on florescent light. playing with electricity.

Pixel Carpet 2016

Cat in Space 2017 

part of HaMiffal. two stencil floors.

with the guidance and help of Itamar Hammerman and Shaul Zofef. 

each floor design is made from 4 different stencils- hand cut and sprayed one on top of one on top of the other.  

600 * 400 cm.

critics, 2018

a pre-recorded video of a suggested critic answers of the artist with a live audience response. 

a Gift for Bezalel Academy, 2018


hand made snow globe, gold leaves, 3d plastic print of the new Bezalel building, wood, glass, water.

17* 17 cm

Museum Tour, 2018


Wax silk screen print on glass, wood work, inside objects - sprinkle blue glass vase, glass bird, plaster cast, found objects.

60 * 170 * 90 cm. 

Donation box Aquarium, 2018

Collaboration with Oriah De Jong.

was part of a group exhabit in Hansen House. 

mixed media. acrylic glass, wood work, digital print of a Photoshop worked images.  

60 * 50 * 170 cm. 

Donation box, 2016


collaboration with Amy Mcknight and the HaMiffal

wood work, nails, spry colors, acrylic glass.

30 * 20 * 50 cm.