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Circa c21 CE,  2017-2020 
Work in the public space, a mosaic designed for Zamenhof Street, Jerusalemת in collaboration with Anan Hamdan,
Operated as an open workshop, with the support of HaMiffal and Mifal HaPais, 600 x 240 cm

The mosaic is 6 by 2.4 meters in size, and consists of about 130,000 thousand stones.It was designed in relation to the Zemhanof street where it was installed, using combinations of elements such as street light and shade from different hours, the metal flowers from the entrance to the alley, and the typical street cats. In addition, elements related to the underground world such as sewer pipes, electrical pipes and ancient mosaic fish were placed reacting to the floor drain cover how was placed in the center as part of the mosaic.

Around the mosaic, grow an organic community. A total of about 300 people took part ,from the regular and persistent to one-time visitors, The mosaic community was composed of a group of young people who happened to be in the factory area, children with their parents, pensioners who live in the neighborhood, and various people who roam Jerusalem.



From the work process, in the yard of the factory, Jerusalem


work in progress


in Zamenhof street

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