Body- its absence, it's reappearance through the material; as a sacred space; as an unknown material; as something to find and see through filters and disturbance; as an ending process of all kind of actions upon its image- flattening 'photoshopping, printing and such.
Performance- a site-specific work dealing with the power and organization inside art schools; a work creating a temporary social systems, using the system or manipulating it.
Patterns- as a visual aesthetic effect or as a mental state. observing how it develops or grows; observing a city
spread, a fungus, a man-made grid; trying to break it and build it at the same time; by stretching or copying it like a virus, as a non-ending process.
Liquids- as a filter or as an optical illusion; holding them in a vase or making a visual effect of something solid out of them, using water as the visual realization of the unmaterial, the intangible.
Digital- as a medium, as a system, as an ideological organization pattern, as an alternative, as a lying mask hiding in it a clear truth; as the future; as a new type of space and time order.



2016 – present : Bezalel Academy of Arts and Design, currently in first semester of third year.

2013 :                 The Hershberg Jerusalem Studio School (JSS) of Israel Hershberg.

2012 :                 2 month course in Hatahana-Studio School, Tel Aviv under Ran Tenenbaum.

2011 :                 6 month drawing course under Adam Cohn

2006 – 2009 :     Israel Arts and Science Academy, Jerusalem

Professional Experience:

2017-present :  design and production of a large-scale mosaic project, at the Hamiffal- an Alternative              

                        Jerusalem Art Center, with the guidance of  Anan Hamdan - a mosaic art master

2017- present : web design articles for www.koma6.com - an art website of Bezalel students

2018 :               “Locker Room” art design for a new year party at the YMCA

2016:                participated in the founding and continue to be active in the running of the

                        HaMiffael Project

2016:                collaborated and performed with Snunit Baraban and Ruth Hof in the play by

                        Ruth Hof, “One Time, a Story in Three Times”

2016:                costume designing for finale project of Tair Lewin, Visual Theatre School,   

                        in collaboration with Avri Manor

2016:                art helper in the film “Ravital is an Alien”, directed by Gan De Lange

2015:                wrote and performed “Heart Journey” as part of the One-Time Dream Festival,

                        supported by the Jerusalem Foundation

2015:                production and lights of the Finale project of Noam Sendal, Visual Theatre School


Exhibition and Publication:

2018:                presenting a work at Krakov Jewish Cultural Festival, opening June 22  

2018:                curating and exhibiting at The New Gallery Artists' Studios, May 16

2018:                exhibited “Donation Box”, and “Peep Glass Holder” at Hanson House

2018:                design of a room in the Artbnb project, for the reception of  international artists,

                        Supported by the Youth Authority of the Jerusalem Municipality, Eden and Asylum Arts

2018:                exhibited “Graving Pool”, as a permanent piece at the Hamiffal

2018:                presented Sketches and Objects, installation from the graphic novel, part of Library at

                        Night Festival,supported by Pandora Artists Cooperative

2017:                collaborated with Aharon Manor on a photographic novella, “twenty A.d”, published by

                        the Finnish magazine “Nuketeatteri-lehti, and the Israeli “Pandora Magazine”

2017:                participated in a group exhibition at the Coresh Gallery, presenting the sculpture

                        “Wedding Bed”, in collaboration with Talya Shalit

2013:                Designed and published a comic book, “The Story Monster”,supported by New

                        Spirit Jerusalem

1991 : Born in Sao Paulo, Brazil

1993 : Moved to Kibbutz Kfar Haruv, Israel