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Labor Myth wip 2022 

Collaboration with Yarden Colsey, agricultural patchwork shade design, Kibbutz Samar residency. The design mixes the plantation workers, the machines and the palm trees. 16 by 5 meter.  


Samar is a anarchist Kibbutz in the Arava that often uses techniques of sustainability and recycling, DIY style. Following Samar spirit, an agricultural shade nets was designed. The images combine the workers, the palm trees and the machines. The project acted as an open workshop in a temporary studio built in an abandoned greenhouse. The final product will be hanged in the orchard, next to the palm trees, the workers and the machines. 


Legend of colors and densities of shadow nets


wip, Ayelet Kozitz, head of the artist in residence at Samar


The machines in the orchard get a name and decorations in the picture GIGI, named after a deceased kibbutz company


WIP, Benny the responsible of repairing the shade nets in Samar


Using a patchwork technique in shade nets in the tendon machines developed at Samar


Working with Samar community on the project 

ערוך (1).jpg

In the temporary studio in the abandoned greenhouse

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