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How could you? 2022

Kinetic sculpture, silk screen print on mylar, mechanism of a flying shark, helium, sound130 x 100 x 70 cm

Ridge Forrester, a balloon head hovering in space, attempts to engage in conversation with the exhibition visitors. But rather than sharp and smooth "Mingling" talk, the words are discharged as uncontrollable vomit. The balloon head is engaged in incessant monologue composed of pieces of conversations and chatter from the Bold And The Beautiful daytime drama show.  The arrogant ridge, smooth and dominant, is made of shiny balloon shell. he's all bluff and bluster, full of good intentions and ready for a passionate kiss.

A short film showing Ridge flying through the gallery space,
Edmond de Rothschild Foundation Israel, “The Bold and the Beautiful”, 

curator: Meital Aviram, Tel Aviv 

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