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Saff (verge) 2022
collaboration with Yarden Colsey, 

A wall rug made for the emergency room at the Kfar Shaul psychiatric hospital, Jerusalem. The work was done in collaboration with the patients. The hospital was built on ruins of the Palestinian village Deir Yassin, and the tapestry represents amalgamated imagery of political, national, social and psycho-therapeutically significance.

Video detailing the creation of the rug and the conversion with the patients.   

The opportunity to work in a walled hospital and operate there as an open studio created a temporary autonomous zone where boundaries between patients, staff and artists could blend and lose their preconceived roles.


A collage made as a part of workshops we had made with patients at the Kfar Shaul psychiatric hospital. The different outcomes were used as a base for the design of the rug.

Photography cutout, crayons, 
pens and pencil work, A3.  


out of the development of the deigns

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