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Water Sounds Better With You 2021

In collaboration with Yarden Colsey

An art project within the community of Kibbutz Kfar Haruv in the southern Golan Heights.

Through the collection of archival and up-to-date information about the sons and daughters of Kibbutz Kfar Haruv, and with the help of artificial intelligence software, three new members of the kibbutz were created. The home of these three children became a temporary living room installation in the kibbutz's pool. The opening of the exhibition was celebrated  together with an original ceremony.


In the search for the similar common, the project bounces between different observation paradigms and diverse relationships that are formed within the contemporary kibbutz.

supported by Mifal HaPais.


trailer for a short experimental movie directed and edited by Ofer Kantor

Kibbutz Sofa
a physical twin of a 3D model. made using 3D scans of the kibbutz member’s living rooms. 
printed fabric, wood, bricks, strings. 80 x 90 x 220 cm 


Kibbutz Sofa , underwater pool Installations 


Kibbutz Sofa , Blender screen-shot

Kibbutz Chair

made in the same technique using 3D scans of the kibbutz member’s living rooms. It consist of 7 different chairs chopped up and reassembled in 3D space, then translated back to RL (real life) using metal and plasticine. 
60 x 70 x 130 cm. link to NFT of the chair:

kibbutz chair physical twin NFT.jpg

Kibbutz Chair , underwater pool Installations 

Kibbutz Rug
Tufted wool rug in the image of the kibbutz dining room and the pool from an aerial perspective. 300 x 400 cm


The Kibbutz Kids 
4,500 portrait of the kibbutz  members were collected and put into a database that was used to train a GAN (Generative adversarial networks) deep learning model. The system released 25,000 new photos of imaginary kibbutz members from which three children were selected.

Lanticlor print of 3 AI faces. print, glass, wood frame.  30 x 30 x 4 cm


The Kibbutz Ceremony 1.10.21

The project was celebrated as a new Kibbutz ceremony in the pool, collaborating with the local artists within the community. In the Picture Noami Rozen a frequence swimmer in the pool doing the opening speech. 

Noami Rozen, opening speech


from the rehearsals with the local theater group, photo credit Ofer Kantor  

the full movie about the project directed and edited by Ofer Kantor


Part of our further research into the project, three NFTs were issued on the Ethereum blockchain. The first, is in a physical digital wallet in the archives of Kfar Haruv and represents the information architecture file of the kibbutz residents. The information in the file was collected in August and September 2021. The second and third NFT are digital twins of the physical objects from the project and their purpose is to serve as a tool to fund the continued creation of the project; The objects that will receive digital copies will be offered for auction at the festival – and they are: a framed lenticular print of three new kibbutz children invented by GAN, and a plasticine chair designed from three-dimensional scans collected from the kibbutz's salons.

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